Catering and Banqueting

Once the location is chosen, WPI Weddings + Events will guide you in selecting the catering & banqueting and then in defining the menu that will delight your palate and your guests’one. We work with Catering & Banqueting companies, who pay extreme attention to details, unforgettable food and excellent service, providing exclusive tailor made assistance, in order to satisfy an attentive and selective clientele, always in search of new suggestions. According to your tastes and needs, we will recommend traditional dishes, delights from all sea corners and rural islands, as well as delicacies and food with more exotic tastes which will impress your guests.

We will also take extreme care in recommending the wines to accompany the chosen dishes, ranging from the prestigious Italian cellars; you will taste French champagne and wines from around the world. With the menu, WPI Weddings & Events will also help you to choose the perfect mise en place, in addition to the table linens and furnishings that best suit your style and the personality of your wedding. It will take just one glance in order to understand WPI Weddings + Events’ philosophy : food and beverage must convey a world of emotions, able to involve all the senses in the name of elegance, sophistication and sensuality.