Flower Design

From the scenic point of view flowers are definitely the most crucial element of the wedding. They warm the ceremony, representing a tangible welcome at the guests’ entrance; they represent the classic glance that makes the difference and characterizes the tables with great impact on the guests, who will notice them, admire them and talk about them.

WPI Weddings + Events will be able to recommend you the best flower designers, to create the backdrop of your wedding, choosing among something particular, modern, classic or poetic, vintage or en plein air and to turn the spaces dedicated to your ceremony and reception into something absolutely charming and magical.

We will put deep attention in the selection of high quality materials, in choosing the flower and color combinations, in order to create a unique and worthy backdrop for such an important day. Unique flowers, original combinations in harmony with the overall theme and the set design. A world of decorations made of elements, objects, antiques, personal and charming touches. We will take care of setting up gardens, interiors and custom-designed sets, which will frame your special day.