Invitations and printed material for weddings

Wedding Invitations and printed matter

Now we are ready to announce the happy event! Communicating it in the most appropriate way means sending to the recipients a precise signal, expressing through the invitation the style that you want to give to your wedding. For WPI Weddings + Events the invitation is in fact the true calling card of the wedding.

How to do it? With simplicity: it is preferable to follow the classic lines, using characters in block letters or italics, white or ivory-colored paper, even if some creative conception is allowed, provided everything remains within the limits of good taste. Do you wish to have a formal and traditional wedding?

The classic white or ivory double card could be perfect, with graceful grey or sepia characters. The English italics font is the most elegant and suitable. Your initials engraved or dry embossed in gold are very elegant. WPI Weddings + Events will help you in the choice of the invitations, with which all the other printed matter will then be coordinated : ceremony booklets, menus, place cards, table number, tableau de mariage.