Musical accompaniment

Accompaniment Music

A key ingredient for the perfect wedding? The music. As Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann used to say: “Music is the most romantic of all the arts, you could almost say that it alone is romantic, because only the infinite is its theme”, thus it could not be missing on the most beautiful day of your life . Music must excite and captivate and especially tell something about you. Would you like a classic religious ceremony? For the bride’s entrance choose the Wedding March by Wagner, calm and almost austere to emphasize the solemnity of the moment. Mendelssohn, however, with his march, celebrates a sweeter, fairytale wedding spirit narrated by Shakespeare in “A Midsummer Night's Dream”. Obviously, besides the bride’s entrance, the other important moments of the ceremony will also need the right soundtrack... WPI Weddings + Events will help you to choose, ranging from baroque to classical and modern music.

After the ceremony, the party starts! And here is the right soundtrack, on which guests may talk, have a drink and dance in an unique and unforgettable atmosphere. The genres can be the most different: from classical to jazz, from ethnical to melodic music... The song which accompanies the cake cutting is extremely important... it must be your song, the soundtrack of your love story. And after the banquet, let’s start dancing.... select a bit of everything: disco, pop, rock, but also couple dancing, such as slow waltz, tango and South American rhythms. Thus, during the wedding, the soundtrack of your dreams should turn each single moment in something unforgettable.