Photographic shoot and video

Photo shoot and video

If there is a story that must be told it is the one of your wedding ... and you feel that yours is unique. WPI Weddings + Events will help you in choosing very carefully the photographer and the video maker of your wedding: they will be the ones who, with their style and their “eye” , will tell your emotions, in order to leave an unforgettable memory throughout the years to come. The wedding is a moment in the history of your life which requires all the attention and the best documentation by a special, elegant and spontaneous style.

A good photographer and video maker’s aim is to capture smiles, tears of happiness, caresses, a special look, the most intimate details and all the joy of your day ... And so many things make it a very special event! Catching small details to create great images ... which tell a whole story with a simple and refined style, combining stolen shots with posing ones , trying to create an intimate vision, to fix the lights and the colors, the atmosphere and the emotions of your day.

An elegant and romantic moment can be crystallized and lived again and again for generations, because through the images of that day, you can relive passionate, intimate, joyful, exciting and true moments: the beauty, the excitement and your fun with your friends and family. The photographer and video maker’s sensibility , in capturing the most exciting moments of the day , must then join the creativity in editing a wedding book and making a video that keep the atmosphere.