italian religious or civil weddings ceremonies

Religious, civil and
symbolic ceremonies

The wedding ceremony is definitely the most touching moment of any wedding! You can opt for a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony. The civil ceremony is celebrated in the town halls that in Italy, and especially in some regions, are often buildings rich in history with prestigious frescoes located in the central squares of the Italian historic centres.

Weddings with a Catholic rite are celebrated in churches; we will help you choose among the old medieval Romanesque parish churches, important Gothic abbeys, elegant Renaissance and Baroque churches and churches characterized by more contemporary architecture.

Weddings with an Anglican or a Protestant rite are celebrated in the Anglican and Protestant churches of Italy, but they can also be celebrated in Catholic churches prior authorization from the local Curia. All other non-Catholic religious ceremonies can be celebrated in private chapels, gardens, halls within villas and castles. However, there are no particular restrictions for symbolic ceremonies; they do not require the preparation of documents as they are not to be registered either at the Curia or in the City Hall and can be celebrated in particular and unique locations.

For any type of ceremony, we will help you choose the perfect location, we will find you the celebrant and study the details of the ceremony, from the wording of the booklet to the flower arrangements and musical accompaniment, and we will take care of all the paperwork.