Wedding favours and sugared almonds

Wedding favors and sugared almonds

Wedding favors and sugared almonds: a small sign to say thank you! They represent the end of the wedding day, but also the bond and feelings bindings you to your guests.

Classical or design, strict or eclectic, the wedding favor is an important sign of style. Combined with the sugared almonds, it is a sign of thank you to everyone who shared with you the joy of your wedding day. WPI Weddings + Events studies and designs favors using high quality materials, taking care of the smallest details, always in line with the wedding mood. We set up the sugared almonds tasting, now a must at the receptions; the guests can try a big variety of flavours: from the classical d'Avola sugared almonds to the coffee or cappuccino flavored ones, mint and even chilli, up to the types combined with fruits, like pineapple, green apple, pear and chocolate, and even the ones roses and violets flavoured.

The sugared almonds not only are appreciated by the guests, but are also an important element in the scenery of your wedding, personalized with flowers, candles and objects in line with the style of your reception.